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Photo of Remy walking in front of the grapevines with bins of picked grapes at the end of each row

Why U.S. Winemakers Are Taking a Chance on Obscure Grape Varieties

Sophia McDonald writes about how grapes such as Lagrein, Saperavi, and Ciliegiolo offer both opportunities and challenges to winemakers looking to set themselves apart.

“Since founding her winery in 2006, Remy Drabkin of Remy Wines in McMinnville has been focused on Lagrein, Dolcetto, and other grapes more typically associated with Alto Adige and Piedmont. Drabkin sells most of her wine out of the tasting room, and she has no problem moving bottles. ‘I’ve worked for a long time to have a wine brand that people know they’re going to get a really good wine when they go,’ she says. Her decision to differentiate has also brought interesting opportunities. Drabkin recently participated in a series of U.S. masterclasses sponsored by the Alto Adige Wine Consortium that discussed the impact of region on grapes such as Lagrein and looked at the many similarities between Alto Adige and Oregon.”

Photo by Zachary Goff | Article by Sophia McDonald
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