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Remy pouring her black heart sparkling wine for two guests

Three Perfect Days: Portland, Oregon

Nicholas DeRenzo designs three perfect days in Oregon, highlighting Remy Wines as one of three wineries (alongside Et Fille and Abbey Creek).

“Remy Drabkin turns out an award-winning roster of Old World Italian wines. ‘I’m really focused on making the best wine in the simplest way possible,’ she says, pouring me a blueberry-and-black-pepper-spiced dolcetto, made with Piedmont’s most widely grown grape. ‘It’s about responding to the fruit.’

If Drabkin’s wines are a celebration of tradition, her approach to community-building is anything but. She’s a pioneering voice in the queer winemaking world and a founder of Wine Country Pride, an organization that has distributed pride and Black Lives Matter flags around the valley, donated books with LGBTQ+ characters to public libraries, and even hosted the world’s first queer wine festival this past summer. ‘We are very focused on inclusion,’ she says, ‘and the wine industry can be very exclusive.’”

Photo by Zachary Goff | Article by Nicholas DeRenzo
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