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Photo of the Remy Wines back lawn and guests and winemakers at queer wine fest milling around the lawn

Inside the World’s First Queer Wine Festival

Kate Dingwall writes about her joyous experience at the inaugural Queer Wine Fest.

“On a sunny Oregon afternoon, 17 different wineries set up their wares at Remy Wines in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. They were there to pour but also to celebrate. Instead of silence as oenophiles contemplate the characteristics of each wine, there was a concert from Camp Crush — a new-age pop duo produced by Doja Cat’s go-to Rian Lewis — that set the mood. Business casual clothes were scrapped as the rainbow was the preferred dress code, be it neon-hued sunglasses or generally jovial prints. While wine tastings can tend to feel stuffy, this was anything but. It was spirited, special and highly celebratory.

Welcome to Queer Wine Fest.”

Photo by Aly Winstead Photography | Article by Kate Dingwall
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