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Remy holding a wine glass in front of her new winery

Imbibe 75: Remy Drabkin

Remy Drabkin, who identifies as queer, co-founded Wine Country Pride, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Although out since age 16, she says she closeted herself in and around the wine industry. After hearing similar stories from others, she founded Wine Country Pride in 2020 to lift more queer voices. As the world came out of its pandemic haze, meet-ups, in-person events, and even a festival in McMinnville, Oregon, enhanced the programming and mission of the organization. The nonprofit took another big step with the inaugural Queer Wine Fest last June at Remy Wines, which featured 16 wineries from California, Washington, and Oregon. “It’s the difference between being put on display and having a platform for your voice,” Drabkin says of the day.

Photo by Zachary Goff | Article by Shana Clarke
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