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Eco-concrete is Cementing Itself as a Climate Solution

“Vintner Remy Drabkin, the owner of Remy Wines, knows a lot about grapes, particularly rustic varieties that originated in Italy. But until Drabkin converted a barn into a winery last year just outside McMinnville in western Oregon, she didn’t know much about concrete, which also originated in Italy  being invented 2,500 years ago by the ancient Romans.”
Concrete is responsible for 7-9% of CO2 emissions worldwide. Melissa Rossi writes about the Drabkin-Mead Formulation, the carbon-neutral concrete mixture invented at Remy Wines, for the Outrider Foundation.
“We need to demand not only a shift in global building industry practices but in customer expectations,”  Drabkin said. “And that includes involving our local and state governments, who are routinely making decisions about the types of products that will create the world in which we exist and the infrastructure on which humanity relies. Sequestering carbon into our built environment is literally ‘a concrete solution’ to addressing climate change.”
Artice by Melissa Rossi | Outrider, 2023
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