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Group of hands with glasses of sparkling wine and a sabered bottle of Remy Wines Black Heart Sparkling wine cheersing

Bubbles and Rosés to Kick-Off Pride Month 2022

Proud lesbian winemaker Remy Drabkin is well-known in wine for her activism, sincere tasting experiences and exceptional wines under three labels: Remy Wines, Three Wives and Black Heart. Remy Wines is also taking big steps toward enhanced sustainability this year. Over the summer, Drabkin plans to open a new winery constructed with her Drabkin-Mead Formula sustainable carbon-neutral concrete.

Remy Wines is all about celebrating pride, from hosting pride events to selling rainbow half-cases to support the queer community. Their Black Heart series features a classic, traditional-method sparkling made from Pinot Noir. They’ve completely mastered the traditional technique, so this bottle is perfect for anyone who likes that classic, toasty style of sparkling.

Photo by Zachary Goff | Article by  Bailey McAlister
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