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A Look at LGBTQIA+ Issues in Wine, and How the Industry Can Solve Them

Remy Drabkin has seen a definite change in people’s attitudes in the past year, something that seems attributable primarily to the Black Lives Matter movement. “The U.S. over, there are a lot of people in dominant cultures that are questioning their own allyship,” says Drabkin. “Those that are recognizing their roles in oppressive systems want to be part of an outward expression of support for minorities.”

In Drabkin’s community, the growing support from minority communities has manifested itself in ways both positive and negative. Last year during Pride Month, only one local business in McMinnville had a rainbow display in its window for the month of June. This year, businesses have been proactively requesting rainbow flags and flying them at their businesses. Drabkin and colleagues have distributed over 300 flags this year, for free to businesses and through sales to individuals.

Article by Sophia Bennett
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