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Library Dolcetto Tasting March 2022

Remy holding a bottle of Dolcetto in each hand on patio of farmhouse tasting room, seated on a bench. Dolcetto isn’t a varietal that is particularly known for aging, and with its lighter tannic structure, we don’t have very old vintages of it. We have also found that our Jubilee Vineyard Dolcetto goes through changes relatively quickly in the bottle. It can be an almost completely different wine in just six months. We had five vintages of Dolcetto opened the First Sunday of March.

2013 Jubilee Vineyard: Lighter color, pretty, not fruity, basil and fresh herb.

2015 Jubilee Vineyard: Red currant, tannins were noticeable, tobacco

2016 Jubilee Vineyard: Mushroom nose, fresh but not fruity, very smooth mouth feel, milk chocolate

2017 Jubilee Vineyard Dusty sage nose, dark cherry, juicy and a touch of minerality on the finish

2019 Jubilee Vineyard: Blood orange, fleshy black cherries with a cinnamon spice finish. Great structure.

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