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Sangiovese Library Tasting January 2022

A bottle of the very first wine, Sangiovese, Remy made for Remy Wines. 2006 vintage, a red label with art work by Alphonse Mucha, art nouveau artist, head of woman resting her head on her hand.We appreciate all those who joined us for our first Library wine tasting of 2022! Just as we were releasing the remainder of our current release 2019 Kiona Sangiovese, we took a look back to vintages 2012, 2014, 2016 and a riserva wine from 2015. Here are some tasting notes and thoughts from these wines.

2016 Kiona Sangiovese: Fragrant nose of stewed strawberry and tomato plant. The acid was fantastic with luscious strawberry, tough of orange and bricky terra cotta finish. Wonderful texture and minerality.

2014 Kiona Sangiovese: Fuller bodied and tannic than  2016 with some of the similar notes. We felt it needed more of a rich, meaty dish to really shine. Bring out your best Bolognese.

2012 Ciel du Cheval: The vineyard is across the road in Red Mountain, but we could really detect the difference! The nose is floral with a perfume of rose or hibiscus. Rather than strawberry, we picked out notes of dates or figs and a dark flower, like violets on the finish. None of those tomoto/terra cotta notes.

2015 Kiona Sangiovese Riserva: HOT WET TERRACOTTA! Great minerality and blood orange acid with lots of ripe strawberry notes. Shows off our Old World Style and so typical of this vineyard in Red Mountain.

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